Join us at the cemetery for a special volunteer work day on October 1 at 1pm! Since fall is here, we want to work on the hillside that is covered with debris – fallen trees, branches, and leaves. This debris is covering some gravestones and we want to uncover those!

We won’t be working on the gravestones – but we will be busy raking leaves, cutting up fallen trees and branches. The City will have a chipper there and will help us by removing what we drag up the hill!

Please bring any tools you think might be helpful in this endeavour including: chainsaws, trimmers, hedge clippers, weedwhackers, (any kind of whacker, really!), rakes, etc. We will have some tools there – but more than anything we need manpower!

I suggest you park at the overlook/Mt. Wood castle parking area and walk into the cemetery. Parking is very limited within the cemetery.

Hope to see you all there!